Sending Organizations

Zapp for Sending Organizations (SOs) is the fastest and most professional way to manage student applications and program-related information. The system allows you to create an individual Zapp account for each student, where they can fill out their application in a simple, user friendly, and interactive way (text editing, photo and document uploading, form checklist and online submission). Zapp also allows you to:

  • Manage the entire placement cycle (host family application submission, online student application search, on-demand application printing, etc.).
  • Connect with multiple Receiving Organizations.
  • Monitor and support students as they complete their applications.
  • Access interactive real-time reports.
  • Create Branch accounts.
  • Send Flight information.
  • Receive and share Host Family applications, Monthly Contact Forms and other documents.
  • Message or chat with other stakeholders (Branches, Student, Natural Families, Receiving Organizations).
  • Add Receiving Organizations that don't use Zapp to your account, allowing them to upload placement documentation into the system.
  • Deal with support issues in a secure environment with Receiving Organizations, Branches and Natural Parents.

Zapp is ready to use and comes with built-in features and reports, specifically designed for Sending Organizations. We can develop custom modules on-demand, to make sure you get the most out of the system.