Receiving Organizations

As a Receiving Organization (RO), Zapp will be a key tool to speed up your application processing, distribution and student placement. It comes with built-in templates and features, but it is totally customizable. Zapp allows you to:

  • Manage the entire placement cycle (host family application submission, online student application search, on-demand application printing, etc.).
  • Track student application forms and all documentation that needs to be exchanged with Sending Organizations.
  • Connect to multiple Sending Organizations on the same account.
  • Monitor all compliance documents required by the Department of State and other regulatory bodies.
  • Oversee Local Coordinator activities.
  • Access real-time reports and trackers.
  • Manage interactive student, host family and school databases.
  • Transfer data to external systems (Sevis, travel agencies).
  • Fill in and share Monthly Contact Forms with selected stakeholders (Sending Organization, Natural parents, etc.).
  • Deal with support issues in a secure environment with Sending Organizations, Regional Directors and Local Coordinators.
  • Message or chat with other stakeholders (Local Coordinators, Sending Organizations, etc.).

These are just some of Zapp's features, but there are much more. The system is constantly evolving and adjusting to the needs of our Receiving Organizations in order to save time, money, and keep processes as efficient as possible.