Our Purpose

Mission & Core Values

Our Purpose

Our Mission

Zapp’s purpose is to facilitate high quality intercultural experiences through technology, by helping exchange student organizations manage their educational programs in a fast and safe digital environment. We provide our clients with the tools to run their programs to the highest standards, allowing them to focus on our common purpose: enabling dreams through life changing exchange programs.

Our Core Values


We are former exchange students and we love the industry. We share the passion for connecting cultures and promoting peace. We care about your daily challenges, managing student issues, finding host families, complying with regulations; and we want to be by your side, helping you change the world.


We believe in the unlimited potential of people. The technology we develop is designed to serve people, and help them grow personally and professionally. From the students that apply for their lifetime experiences abroad, our clients who perform daily miracles to deliver these programs, to our extremely committed staff who believe they can make the world a better place one line of code at a time.


We know how important information is in this business. When dealing with competitive data, minors and real-life situations, privacy and information integrity and clear communication with clients are paramount. We take this very seriously and ensure the highest standards.


Zapp was created to bring a paper workflow to computers, to simplify a lengthy bureaucratic process. This was our first statement and it brought the Exchange Industry up-to-speed with other sectors. We have come a long way since then, learning from our clients every day and embracing change. Innovating is never-ending, especially in technology, and loving this ever-challenging process is our biggest strength.